Peach and Goat Cheese Salad

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Had lots of peaches due to miscommunication w husband. He bought some and so did I.

Decided to use them  in salad. Google to the rescue and I came across this awesome recipe from the Farm House Table which I promptly added to my Pinterest of course :)

Here is the original recipe which I followed somewhat loosely.

Here is what my final product looked like. I must say it was very good.

I used romaine instead of arugula--no arugula available at the moment.
Had sliced fennel so I added that.
Had wheatberries which I love and cooked a few days before--added a bit of those.
Had no chives, heavy cream or creme fraiche.
Used goat cheese (my fave) instead of mozarella.

My ingredients that I used:

  1. Romaine lettuce (about 2 cups per person). Washed and dried in salad spinner.
  2. 3 peaches (enough to serve 2)
  3. 1/2 red onion thinly sliced
  4. 1/2 container of goat cheese
  5. 3 table spoons of toasted pine nuts
  6. 1 table spoon honey
  7. 1 table spoon extra virgin olive oil
  8. 2 table spoons of red wine vinegar
Wash and dry peaches, cut into quarters or half. Spray pan w Pam or the like. I use canola oil spray by Spectrum. Roast at about 400 till soft. I used my toaster oven as it was too hot outside to run the oven.

Wash lettuce, dry, set aside. Add thinly sliced fennel (wash first) and thinly sliced red onions.
Add to lettuce. Add wheat berries (if you have). I cooked them according to package direction.

Whisk ingredients 6 to 8 in small bowl to  make dressing.

Toast pine nuts on skillet.

Once peaches are cooked, toss salad w dressing. Top w peaches, pine nuts and goat cheese.


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